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Promote available service lines, improve customer service, and track referral trends with real-time marketing and workflow solutions from referralMD


Close the Feedback Loop

Health systems have a hard time sending progress updates about every patient they receive from a referring provider.   Referring providers would like to know if their patients actually arrived to their appointments.  These are two-sides of the same problem that currently plagues healthcare systems today.

ReferralMD Offers:

    • An automated feedback loop for the specialist to notify all their referring providers of the outcome of the patient visit, whether the appointment was approved, completed, or no showed
    • Referring providers finally receive an updated report on patient progress and can play a role with their patients care even after they left their facility.


    • Improved customer service with patients and referral sources so that the patient remains within the affiliated network and does not leave to a competitor due to poor service.  Better customer service = more referrals from friends and family.
    • Offer software that improves engagement and referral volume by reducing friction for referring providers
    • Reduce patient wait times by as much as 80 percent with improved feedback and workflow solutions
  • Fact: 50% of referring physicians were dissatisfied with the timeliness of specialists’ feedback . (Source)

Improve Patient Access

Unfortunately most health systems are a decade behind when it comes to web-technology and managing online engagement.

The vast majority of  healthcare organizations are unable to provide modern tools to their patients and referring doctors such as;  as search capabilities, accurate provider directories,  accurate information about what specialties/sub-specialties,  and insurances are accepted.  referralMD offers a simple, yet powerful system to reduce friction to external providers and help guide them to the most appropriate, high quality provider.

ReferralMD Offers:

    • Powerful keyword search to find the best match, via referralMD SmartMATCH.
    • Guided research on geography, specialties offered, insurances accepted, procedures offered, doctors and staff profiles, and location information
    • Accurate In-vs-Out-of-Network affiliation list
    • Search engine optimized profile pages helping patients and referring providers find you Google, Yahoo, and more.


    • Accurate real-time provider data
    • Ability to offer improved customer service levels to referring doctors (Less phone calls and faxing)
    • Improve customer service with referring providers, resulting in more appropriate referrals

Fix the Referral Leakage Problem

With powerful data and analytics at the fingertips of your provider offices, your physician liaisons, and your health system staff, you’ll be able to identify system leakage issues with pinpoint accuracy. Then, with cross-organization communication and the ability to flag which providers are in and out of network, you can generate more referrals in your network reducing system leakage.

  • Fact: $75 million in referral revenue is lost per 100 affiliated physicians each year, with 55% to 65% of all referrals sent out-of-network. (Source)

Reduce Network Referral Leakage

Provide referring offices and schedulers with the ability to view your entire network and coordinate the best care for patients.

Collaborate as team

Your referral network is a community.  Ask questions, collaborate on files (PDFs, CCDs, images, medical records), and comment on anything. 

Better Outcomes


With referralMD’s streamlined approach to patient life-cycle referral management,  you can dramatically improve your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

Consolidated list of referralMD’s features

referralMD can be used as a stand-alone service or integrated with any EMR or practice management solution

Patient Access

Accurately match patients with the most appropriate provider in your specialty network using referralMD’s SmartMATCH (Provider Directory with proximity match, a wait time calculator, specialist vetting, co-pays, insurance accepted, and other cost and quality data)


Exchange messages and files (X-rays, CCDs, images, and clinical notes) with any provider

Referral Management

Consolidate all referrals into one work queue (fax, electronic, phone, website) and track status updates in real-time with all providers in your network

Provider and Staff Directory

Improve referring provider satisfaction with complete provider profiles, insurance accepted, procedures offered, average wait times

Track and Grow Referral Sources

Track referral trends over time, volume, status updates, payer mix, service levels, referral leakage

Identify New Referral Sources

Easily locate all referral sources in your market that are not in your database. For healthcare organizations that think there are no more leads available, prepare to be surprised at the referral sources your organization is missing

Daily To-Do Reminders

Track all your reminders on one dashboard for yourself or assigned to staff.  Automated alerts keep you apprised of the most important tasks that are missed.

Automated Progress Updates

Send out appointment status reminders and referral progress updates to referring providers automatically

Online Marketing


referralMD promotes  you to your entire referral network every week with marketing automation tools

Insurance Management

Select which insurances you accept and display them to referring providers

Fax Management

Route all incoming faxes into a priority work queue to prevent lost or latent referrals

Private and Shared Notes

Save notes for yourself or share them with other staff from both your own organization and others


Problem with Other Solution Providers

Some healthcare referral technology solutions claim to fill up your provider panels.  But once they’ve filled them up there’s no use for them because the value is gone.  Because filling up a provider panel is the only value to you.  Patients return to booking appointments with the phone and that’s inefficient and doesn’t meet the expectations of your patients, your customers.

Others will help you with only a single aspect of referrals, like patient scheduling.  This is important but it leaves you with a lot of other problems to solve on your own or with another vendor.  There’s no point to acquiring a solution that cannot scale.

Some vendors use antiquated software that is patched together with very little utility and is poorly designed. This is why most software companies hide their screenshots on their website because they know it is built with 10 year old technology.  After seeing a demo people scratch their heads wondering, “Who would actually pay for this?”

Still others offer complicated solutions that are more difficult to manage than that EHR you implemented a while back.  What good is it to have a complex system that too difficult to use and creates more problems that it solves?


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