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About Coastal Fertility Specialists

Our ethos at Coastal Fertility Specialist is that “Your Dreams Matter.” We help you build your family in a compassionate and nourishing environment. To do that, we require an extraordinary clinical and laboratory team that includes board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, specially trained registered nurses, highly skilled embryologists, and an expert staff attuned to the needs of our patients. Our doctors have over 70 years of combined expertise in some of the best hospitals in America.

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ReferralMD is the leading centralized referral management platform for healthcare providers.
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Referral Management Solved

Fertility Clinic Case Study

How do you and your team currently use ReferralMD?

We use ReferralMD for all our new patient inquiries and for referrals. ReferralMD is used to schedule patients and communicate appointments to the patient. We also use it to communicate to the referring physician, and it has made a positive difference in how we work.

What was the most obvious advantage you felt ReferralMD offered during the sales process?

Reporting of our referrals to track our marketing efforts stood out for us. We could find out how the patient discovered us, where they came from geographically, and whether they attended their appointment.
successful referral tracking

Before ReferralMD,
what other problems did your team face?

We needed a system that would allow us to track referrals from referring physicians, but we also wanted to analyze the data. We wanted to track where the referral originated, the type of patient being referred, and whether the patient attended their appointment or was a no show. We also wanted to track the geographic area that our referrals come from because we have five locations with referring physicians in these areas. We also wanted a system that communicated the appointment to the patient.

Customer Quote’s

“As a Practice Liaison it’s incredibly helpful to be able to pull statistics/reports quickly"

“Referral MD is so easy to use. It has made tracking progress so much easier.”

“Referral MD is so easy to use.”