Coastal Fertility Finds an Advantage with ReferralMD

About Coastal Fertility Specialists

Coastal Fertility Specialists is an established fertility clinic in South Carolina. They have five locations throughout the South Carolina area.

At Coastal Fertility Specialists ( success is “taking home a baby”. Their dedicated and experienced team will guide you through your fertility journey in a compassionate and nurturing environment. This is a time when experience matters most and they are proud of their high pregnancy rates and national patient satisfaction awards derived from individualized patient care and their more than 70 years of experience. Coastal Fertility invites you to explore why so many people have chosen and recommend CFS to make their dreams come true.

How Coastal achieved success by switching to ReferralMD

Why did Coastal Fertility decide to make a change?

They started looking for a referral management platform when their old system was sunsetting. They were looking for a solution to not only help organize incoming referrals but also track the referrals’ progress and automatically close the loop with referring physicians.

What else did they want to accomplish?

Coastal Fertility wanted to minimize the number of patient no-shows so they need help with patient communication. In addition, they liked that ReferralMD would automatically send appointment reminder texts or emails to patients.

Prior to implementing ReferralMD, what other problems did their team face?

They needed a system that would allow them to track referrals from referring physicians but also wanted to analyze the data. Coastal Fertility wanted to track where the referral originated, the type of patient being referred, and whether the patient attended their appointment or was a no-show. They also wanted to track the geographic area that our referrals come from due to the fact that they have five locations with referring physicians in these areas.  They also wanted a system that communicated the appointment to the patient.

What other features of the solution does Coastal Fertility use?

The CRM Tools & Analytics feature. They wanted to track the geographic areas that referrals come from for their five locations to better connect with referring physicians and patient self-referrals. The other feature that they rely on quite a bit is real-time access to the custom reporting features and the metrics gained from that have become invaluable to their practice and helps to provide excellent patient care.

How was the implementation process?

Per Coastal Fertility, “The ReferralMD standalone implementation went smoothly. ReferralMD managed to load the exported data from Coastal Fertility’s old system. ReferralMD was tasked to integrate with another software solution called FormSite. ReferralMD completed this integration project in a couple of months.”

KPIs and Objectives

Increase referrals processed by quarter by 17%
Decrease time to schedule appointment
Decrease patient no shows

“Referral MD has allowed us to streamline our process regarding incoming referrals from our providers while also closing the loop for the patients they have referred to us.”

“Analytics & Reporting of our referrals to track our marketing efforts stood out for us. We could find out how the patient discovered us, where they came from geographically, and whether they attended their appointment.”

“The other feature that we rely on quite a bit is real time access to the custom reporting features and the metrics gained from that have become invaluable to our practice and helps us to provide excellent patient care.”

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