Should Healthcare Practices Use Clubhouse?

Podcasts have fast become a top educational source for many, even for those in healthcare. With the release of Clubhouse, the audio-only app that hosts leaders in various industries, many professionals now look for information about their initiatives. The future of Clubhouse may show that it could replace podcasts completely. Alex Lysak, an expert in social media marketing, discusses what this could look like.

Clubhouse app on an iPhone Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash

Podcasts vs. Clubhouse

Podcasts have been around for a long time. They cover almost every topic that you can think of, and many popular ones also have YouTube channels where you can watch the hosts while they’re recording. You can leave comments or contact the hosts directly via email addresses or social media.

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Many people listen to podcasts for entertainment but also as a source of information. People who host podcasts are often experts in their field and use the forum to educate others.

Clubhouse is a bit different. It’s a live forum, as the app doesn’t record the audio and doesn’t allow members to do so. You have to be inside the Clubhouse podcast to get the information in which you’re interested.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to access it. You have to participate in the chats. This is both beneficial and disadvantageous, as you can interact with thought leaders and ask questions directly. On the other hand, you can’t go back and listen to the information again.

Clubhouse is still an invitation-only social media platform, making it difficult for many healthcare professionals to access the information.

Clubhouse and the Health Industry

Clubhouse rules and regulations in healthcare are similar to all other rooms. Conversations are moderated, and there are strict rules regarding the interactions. Regarding health situations, Clubhouse deals with interactions the same as any other industry.

Clubhouse is a great tool to share your stories and advice. The fact that you have access to industry leaders means that there’s no end to the reach you may have. You can create your rooms and share your thoughts and stories.

How to tell your story? Mental health Clubhouse rooms allow you to share without worrying that your story could be made public. You could also access other health professionals that can offer insight or diverse ways of thinking.

What Conversations Can You Expect?

The conversations vary according to the rooms in Clubhouse. You can join business discussions to improve your practice. You can also listen to the latest on COVID-19.  Sometimes, you can even discuss medical mistakes and what you can do to correct them.

The voice aspect makes it easier to spread awareness regarding health issues, something that other social media platforms haven’t been able to do. Other platforms rely heavily on text or video, making healthcare professionals, specifically, hungry for more interaction with other professionals.

Access to Other Professionals

One of the best resources that professionals have is each other, and Clubhouse makes access to others effortless. You don’t have to send a message and wait for a reply. The interaction is instant and very much like having a phone conversation. You can talk to top professionals that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Clubhouse is an excellent way for professionals to connect with like-minded people. Many doctors and nurses have reported that they’ve connected with old friends due to the app using your phone contacts and suggesting friends to follow. Healthcare workers have reported that the platform has provided them with a positive mindset and has helped them learn more and cope better during the pandemic.

Global Efforts

Another significant aspect of this new app is that you have access to healthcare professionals around the world. That means doctors can share new technology and techniques with others worldwide, which means that people will have access to better healthcare, regardless of where they are. This is unprecedented and can change the face of healthcare.

What About Podcasts?

Many marketing experts predict that Clubhouse might be the death of podcasts. While this could very well be true, health professionals, specifically, may need access to recorded audio to relisten to particular aspects of procedures, techniques, or medication.

Clubhouse doesn’t allow you to relisten, as the audio is never recorded. This could be the only downside to the app. Even though you can’t relisten, you have the option of reaching out to the speakers who gave the information initially.

The Problems with Clubhouse

While rooms are moderated, there have been many reports that the moderation hasn’t been done well enough. There have even been reports of death threats made to doctors who gave information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

These allegations have made some skeptical about joining the app and sharing their expertise. Many are worried about safety. This is likely growing pains, as this platform already has 10 million users. Most social media platforms went through similar problems in their early days.

Final Thoughts

Both podcasts and Clubhouse offer medical professionals plenty of benefits. What podcasts can’t provide is the human contact that Clubhouse gives. In a pandemic, the professionals on the frontline can quickly feel isolated. Clubhouse has helped many doctors and nurses to cope with the extra pressure that a new virus has put on them.

While there are still some problems that the platform needs to iron out, it can help doctors and nurses improve patient care and maintain a positive mindset.



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