How to Become a Great Digital Marketer for Your Healthcare Organization

Google has always been a complex tool for most doctors and healthcare providers to understand. With an increasing focus to make search better, Google does a rather poor job at explaining to business owners how to properly market their company to the masses and do it effectively. We’ll teach to to become a great digital marketer for your healthcare organization.

Additionally, for Local queries, Google tends to return results that include a blend of both website AND Local information–mostly from Google +Local pages. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like. Note that for this query, “dentist,” the searcher does not even need to specify where they are looking for a dentist; Google guesses his location based on a variety of signals.

Anatomy of a Google Search Result

Why choosing the correct strategy is important

Choosing the correct strategy is very important, most healthcare providers do not have an unlimited amount of time or money to do everything on the list below.  So they key is to test the waters with each activity and decide which have high results and concentrate on those.

We recently wrote an article, “80% of Doctors Do Not Have a Proper Marketing Plan for Their Practice – Are you one of them?”, which discusses why a proper marketing plan and a great website are key to driving more patients through your door.

If you follow the guides listed in this article you will be able to rank higher on Google, drive more traffic to your website, and covert more users.  Which in the end = more money in your pocket.

So what do you do to get started?

Digital Marketing for Small Business

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Would you like more details about each activity above? – Click here to learn more.

Building a brand vs. making sales

Certain marketing activities are geared towards brand building and others making sales.  Both are important to your overall marketing strategy and should be considered.

What purpose are digital marketing activities best suited for

How are you currently marketing your healthcare organization?

Whats working? What’s not?

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