ReferralMD Interview Series: Jonathan Govette, Founder

Interview with Jonathan Govette, Founder of ReferralMD

We’re happy to announce a new interview series that examines and discusses emerging topics in the healthcare world. All interviews will be available on ReferralMD’s top ranked healthcare blog. This interview is with ReferralMD’s Founder, Jonathan Govette. As the founder of referralMD, he was responsible for creating the framework for referralMD, while managing enterprise sales, marketing, pipeline, and channel development. As a thought leader in the space, Jonathan’s 300+ publications have been syndicated on healthcare’s top websites and shared millions of times.  

How would you describe ReferralMD?

ReferralMD is a San Francisco based health technology startup with a mission of optimizing and solving the $150B patient access and referral leakage problem in healthcare. Started in 2011, we are a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, technology-enabled service company focused on improving referral decisions and care planning for primary care physicians throughout the nation. Our product provides communication tools and clinical guidelines for expedited physician-to-physician (P2P) consults.

We maximize communication channels and deliver provider-intelligent analytics to help healthcare organizations:

    • Build and maintain a strong referral network for improved revenue growth

    • Enhance private practice provider relationships to prevent referral leakage

    • Gain insight into referral patterns for optimal patient experience and repeat business

    • Leverage EHR investment through companion technology for end-to-end care delivery

At ReferralMD, we passionately believe in improving healthcare by utilizing technology to empower physicians to deliver optimal care.


What inspired you to start working on ReferralMD? 

 I started the company for two very important reasons:

    • With my mother consistently in the hospital for much of her life, I have seen many care transitions and communications between providers go wrong.  As a software developer I decided to do something about it and help my family and many others receive better care.

    • The need to collaborate with my own team of medical and non-medical business partners was always on the forefront of my mind. From the time of creating my own Think Tank, there was a need for better collaboration and management. In order to keep the Think Tank in sync, I created a collaboration platform that would eventually became the basis for ReferralMD.


How do you feel your previous experiences have helped you in starting your own company?

I am very fortunate to have had the chance to learn from many great CEOs on all aspects of business over my lifetime, from programming to UI design, to publishing, sales, and more. My background has allowed me to remove obstacles for my team so that they can excel in their respective positions and really make an impact at what they do best. I have been told that I am a jack of all trades and a master of many, but I am known by most of my staff for my marketing and design skill sets.


How long did it take to develop the initial version of the software? How often are you putting out updates and new versions?

Most companies first build software based on what they “think” users need. Eventually, they hope customers like the end result.  This is a recipe for failure and results in sub-par software products flooding the market. We approached things differently here at ReferralMD.

We initially created a marketing website to get a sense of how many health systems in the country had a patient access or leakage challenge and started creating in-depth educational publications to teach ways to improve. Over time, the top medical schools in the country published referralMD content on their Blackboards to teach their students about the business side of healthcare.

Soon we had hundreds of requests for demos, even without a tangible product in hand. From there we interviewed over 120 companies, including such renowned institutions as UCSF and Harvard Medical School, to discover that the patient access problem was even larger than we had originally thought. Once we had the initial design specs from our first alpha users we set out to create the ReferralMD software application over the next year.

We tested, gathered feedback, tested again, and then launched publicly to the world in 2013. One thin
g that is unique with our platform is we release major updates almost every 2 weeks, far more often than most other companies in the standard medical software world, who usually release every 3 to 12 months.  

What does your platform offer over your competitors? What unique features differentiate your product?

One very important aspect of our software versus our competitors’ is that we are built on modern-day design principles, which makes our product usable from day it is purchased. The return on investment (ROI) is immediate and users love the design and feel of our platform.

We are also the only true end-to-end care delivery platform, meaning that we provide e-consult features, patient access tools, and referral processing through a modern user interface (Like Apple, or LinkedIn), helping users get on-board faster, and keeping them actively engaged.

What is next for ReferralMD? 

It is an exciting time here at ReferralMD with the industry shift towards value-based healthcare driving the importance of partnership and collaboration among health systems. Our goal is to become the defacto care transition standard for top health systems around the country, helping reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient access for millions.

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referralMD-Health ReferralMD Interview Series: Jonathan Govette, FounderReferralMD improves collaboration and patient access between health systems by providing communication tools with clinical decision support for expedited physician-to-physician (P2P) e-consults and referrals

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0 ReferralMD Interview Series: Jonathan Govette, Founder
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